Social Welfare
Social Welfare
Social Welfare
The Amalgamations Group is alive to the Corporate Social Responsibility to its employees, customers, and all the stake holders

It cares for those affected by natural calamities, cures the needy, trains people for suitable vocations, and helps society to leave better legacies for the new generation

It also proactively promotes public interests, by catalysing community growth and development

Educational Institutions

Sri Paramakalyani Higher Secondary school

Sri Paramakalyani College

Sri Paramakalyani Diamond Training Institute

Schools and creches for employees' children, in several plants, and at the Tea estates of the Group

Social Welfare Initiatives

'J' Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Challenged Women (Madurai)

Sri Paramakalyani Hospital

Sri Paramakalyani Kalyana Mandapam

Most Group companies operate Social Welfate Centres, involved in:

Blood Donation
Distribution of textbooks/notebooks to needy children
Assistance to physically handicapped persons

Two villages adopted by TAFE to provide them with health centres, nutritious noonmeal schemes for children, and education on modern farming methods