TAFE Access Ltd.

TAFE Access Limited was set up in 1992 as a subsidiary, to chiefly facilitate productive farming by making available agricultural implements and tractor accessories.

Instruments Division
In 1995, TAL established a modern plant in Chennai to design, develop and manufacture high quality precision instruments for engineering applications - such as vehicle and engine instrumentation like instrument clusters, gauges, sensors, sender units and switches for tractors, trucks and two wheelers.

The company believes in achieving customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality. To this end it has spared no effort - from using the finest equipment in its class in precision instruments to setting up a standards room that ensures component, product and measurement validation to a high scrutiny vendor selection process. And reinforcing such efforts is a full fledged R&D facility that is truly top-of-the-line - reason why its client list is the who's who in the auto industry.

Hydraulic Pumps Division
There are only two manufacturing facilities In the globe that are authorised to manufacture scotch-yoke piston pumps for Massey Ferguson tractors, and TAL's Hydraulic Pump Division is one of them. Established in 1998, HPD's product range covers pumps for various applications, from 20 HP to 90 HP. These pumps have provision for PTO at the rear of the tractor. The pump discharge can be enhanced for higher end applications with an auxiliary pump as piggy back.